I was an Illustrator and Toy Designer for children's toys at Tomy, UK. I created concept artwork, illustrations and designs . It was an amazing experience to broaden my skills in solving toy mechanics, material and cost limitations. I worked on a whole range of Tomy IP and brand licences all the way from sketch to final product. 

Illustrations and design specifications for printed soft toy book " Where's My Fire" (6 months+) and "Squeezy the Donkey's Birthday Surprise". I helped create the story and designed all the illustrations and flap shapes so that they were in style with the Tomy Lamaze brand.

I worked with Disney to create a Minnie Mouse themed toy that would be sold in a packet. Taking inspiration from their style guides, I created a 6 set themed room that could be swapped and customised for play value. I created the artwork all the way down to the stickers, colour pantone, sculpts and push pop out card assembles.

Frozen Cute Buildables

Working closely with sculptors to design and colour the existing Frozen characters into small figurines. I also worked with Disney EMEA to ensure characters were consistent to the brand and made sure all design aspects were perfect down to the last detail for mass production.