Game Artist at Supersolid

I worked on their main titles Food Street and Home Street. I operated on all 2D aspects of game design including: 2D rendering, concept, texturing, UI and marketing. The games were produced in Unity 3D and I helped maintain a consistent art style throughout while ensuring game play was exciting for the users with each monthly theme.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Background paint overs for remake of Hatoful Boyfriend on steam. I was required to paint in a specific style as well as add a new, modern flavor to the original.

Illustrator at Mind Candy

I created backgrounds, characters and UI designs for the childrens brand " Moshi Monsters". My main responsibilities included illustrating artwork for the webgame and contributing ideas towards new Moshi missions and minigames. In between I would produce artwork and graphic design for Mind Candy's merchandising, mobile, print and apparel side of the business.

Collection of UI icons on various games

UI Icons